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Oclean X
Oclean X Sonic Electric Toothbrush Color LCD Touch Screen IPX7 4 Brush Modes Fast Charge 30 days Tooth Brush
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· Features

Color Touch Screen:

Brushing quality feedback, direct blind zone detection reminder.

High Cleaning Efficiency:

With 42,000 frequency magnetic brushless motor and high-end 3D designed bristles.

High Brushing Personalization:

With 32 intensity levels, 4 modes, 20 preset plans and hundreds of customizable plans.

Built-in Sensor:

For over brushing detection & 8 blind zone detection.

Superior Charging Experience:

Up to 40 days battery life, 2 hours fast charging and 2-in-1 charger + holder.

Whole Device FDA Approved

Anti-bacterial Bristles


What is the battery capacity? How long does it take to charge once?

The battery capacity of Oclean X smart sonic electric toothbrush is 800mAh. When fully charged, it can be used twice a day for 2 minutes each time, and it can last about 20-40 days. (Different according to the toothbrush setting strength)

When does the toothbrush need to be charged? How long does it take to fully charge?

When the battery is low, the toothbrush screen will display the battery logo in red, indicating that the battery is low, please charge.

How to charge?

The Oclean X  electric toothbrush is a dedicated two-in-one charging stand. It has both charging and wall-mounted functions. Please dry the bottom of the toothbrush before charging, place the toothbrush on the charging base, and plug the USB socket into the USB charging head for charging. Please use a USB charger with a standard voltage of 5V, such as smart phone chargers, mobile power supplies and other USB charging devices for charging. A charger with a standard charging current of 1A or 2A is recommended. You can check the charging status by paying attention to the charging ratio on the display. Do not place the toothbrush on a powered base for a long period of time for repeated charging.

Wall mounting method?

Please tear off the 3M glue on the back of the wall mount. When installing the bottom of the wall mount, make sure that the small arrow on the base panel faces upwards, and the wall mount is correctly attached to the wall at a suitable height. Thank you!

The screen brightness is relatively dark, can it be adjusted?

Please log in to the APP, connect the toothbrush, you can adjust the screen brightness you need.

What should I do if the screen sliding fails, does not respond, or does not work smoothly?

Please check whether there is water on the screen. If there is too much water on the screen, it will affect the sensitivity of touch response. Please wipe and slide. If it does not work, please press and hold the button for 8 seconds to recalibrate the sensitivity of the touch response.

What should I do if the screen becomes dark?

Please check whether the toothbrush is in a low power state, if it is low, please charge it.

The screen is blank?

Please press and hold the button for 8 seconds to restore the factory settings.

The screen is black and no display?

When the toothbrush is low or without power, it will vibrate to indicate that the screen is not bright at this time, please charge it in time, thank you!

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