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Oclean Brush Head
Oclean Toothbrush Head Replacements PW01/03/05/07/09 P5 Bush Heads Compatible with Oclean X/ X pro/ Z1/ F1/Air 2 Sonicare Toothbrush
P1-2 piecesP1-4 piecesP1-6 piecesP1-8 piecesP1-10 piecesP3-6 piecesP4-6 piecesP5-6 piecesPW01-6 piecesPW02-6 piecesPW03-6 piecesPW05-6 piecesPW07-6 piecesPW09-6 piecesP1-6 pieces + S1 WhiteP5-6 pieces+ S1 WhiteP1-6 pieces+Travel caseP5-6 pieces+Travel case

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  • Brush Head FAQ

· Features

Suitable for Oclean One/X/X Pro/ZI/SE Automatic Sonic Toothbrush 

- Adopt for DuPont Tynex Brilliance bristle to provide better brushing experience

- W-shaped design, easy to clean the hard-to-reach interdental area

- Rounding bristle will not scratch your gums or damage the surface

- Rust-free, environmentally friendly and healthy

- Food-grade PP material with FDA certification for oral health care

- Food-grade pacifier TPE material, soft enough to clean the coated tongue

- Recommended to replace a brush head for 2 - 3 months by the dentists, 2pcs in one package is convenient for replacing

oclean brush head family
oclean standard cleaning toothbrush head
oclean whitening &cleaning toothbrush head
oclean toothbrush head PWO1
oclean toothbrush head PWO1
oclean toothbrush head PWO1
oclean toothbrush head PWO1
oclean toothbrush head PWO1
oclean toothbrush head PWO1
oclean toothbrush head PWO1

  • Brush Head FAQ

How to remove and install the brush head?

When removing the brush head, please pull it out directly according to the direction of the button on the toothbrush handle without twisting it. When inserting, the triangular part of the surface of the brush head is aligned with the power button of the toothbrush body, and it is enough to insert. After installing the brush head, please confirm whether the brush head is inserted tightly to avoid loosening of the brush head.  

What is the material of the brush head?

The materials used in the Oclean brush head are all certified by the US FDA. The brush handle is made of food-grade PP and does not contain bisphenol A. The soft tongue coating on the back of the brush head is made of TPE baby nipple material (part of the brush head), which is safe and accessible.

Are all Oclean brush heads universal?

Yes, all Oclean brush heads are universal.

How long does the brush head last?

According to the dentist's recommendation, it is recommended that you replace the brush head once 2-3 months. Long-term use of the brush head will cause deformation and bifurcation of the bristles, which will seriously affect the cleaning effect. At the same time, under long-term exposure to humid environments, conditions such as bacterial growth are prone to occur.

How to clean the brush head?

After each use, directly rinse the brush head and bristles with water, and let them air dry. Do not pull the bristles, which will deform and cause them to fall off.

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