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Oclean Air 2
Oclean Air 2 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Noise reduction Gentle Cleaning Teeth Magnetic Fast Charging 40 Days
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· Features

1.Pure Tone Noise Reduction Technology,

Driven By Above 20000hz Ultrasonic Signal Technology, The Motor Cancels The Noise And Offer A Quiet And Joyful Brushing Experience To The User

2.Superior Quiet Brushing Experience, Never Bother Others

3.High Cleaning Efficiency:

Air2 up to 40000 times/min

4.Three-Dimensional Bristles To Better Fit For Your Mouth, Offering An Effective Cleaning Effect Compares To 20% Ordinary Bristles

5.One-Button Operation, Long Press For 2s To Switch To Gentle Or Clean Mode As You Need

6.Usb Magnetic Fast Charging, 2.5 Hours Fully Charging For 40 Days Battery Life

7.Light And Portable, With Only 95g Weight, It Is Easy To Carry It With You.

8.There 4 Colors Available, Tulip White, Rose Pink, Lris Purple, Dark Gree


How long does it take to charge Oclean Air 2? How long can I use a full charge?

The Oclean Air 2 electric toothbrush takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge. When fully charged, it can be used twice a day for 2 minutes each time, and it can last about 20-40 days. (Different according to the set brushing strength)

How many modes does Oclean Air 2 have?

Oclean Air 2 has two modes: gentle and gentle cleaning. The gentle mode is the default gear. Long press for 2S to switch between modes.

Is Oclena Air2 noisy when brushing teeth?

Oclean Air 2 uses the exclusive Pure Tone™ Ultrasonic Active Noise Reduction technology. It has exclusively developed a patented technology that uses an ultrasonic signal above 20000Hz to drive the motor, and is equipped with a noise suppression algorithm to control the sound during brushing within 45 decibels.

Oclena Air2 toothbrush less powerful?

When the power of the Oclean Air 2 electric toothbrush is insufficient, the strength may become weaker, and it can be solved by charging in time.

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