Oclean SE

Beyond your imagination

Simple and elegant

More Color

Perfect choice for your first variable frequency electric toothbrush

General electric toothbrush frequency is fixed, Oclean variable frequency brushless motor supports 27,600~40,000rpm, flexible to fit all kinds of teeth condition.

  • Variable frequency to protect teeth
  • Low frequency for beginners
  • High frequency cleans better

Caring for you, customizing for you

According to your dental condition, we recommend more than ten kinds of brushing programs such as “Daily Ankle Massage Program”, “Hybrid Special Care Program” and “Special Care Program for Pregnancy”. And on this basis, support the custom mode, with different strengths, patterns, durations combined into hundreds of different brushing programs, there is always one for you.

You can choose the“irst-time user cleaning plan”, which is gentle,
Customized for the first time using electric toothbrushes.

One press to finish the whole brushing process, easy to operate

  • One-button start
  • automatic tooth cleaning
  • automatic standby after brushing
  • long press to switch cleaning power

Real time brushing evaluation, know your teeth better

Built-in high accuracy sensor, analyze the whole brushing process by collecting the data of angle, pressure and time, brush in a more scientific way by APP date feedback.

Oclean APP

DuPont x Oclean Co-Design

The standard comfort and clean brush head is made of DuPont® Tynex® 2017 new brush. After rounding, the inlet is gentle and does not hurt the teeth. The wavy design is more suitable for the tooth surface and cleansing.

  • 1.4 times rounding rate
  • Wavy brush wire
  • 0.4cm Ultra-thin design
  • Medical grade POM handle

Charge only 6 times a year

Built-in 2600mAh large-capacity battery, 60 days battery life.

  • 60 Days
    Long battery life
  • 2600mAh
    Lithium battery capacity

Compact design, simple and elegant

Best class suppliers around the world, uni-body design with patent, precise manufacturing process.

Both packaging and travel boxes

Product Specification

  • Size,Weight

  • Motor

    Max Frequency   40000 rpm
    Max Torsion        270 gf.cm
    Max Oscillation   5.5mm
  • Input

    Power                 1.8W
    Rated Input         5V/0.5A
    Charging Mode   Magnetic USB Fast Charge
  • Working Mode

    Mode    Cleaning / Whitening / Massage
    Force    Level 1-4
    Plan     12 Basic plans, Support customization
  • Battery

    Capacity            2600mAh lithium battery
    Charging Time   6 Hours
    Duration             60+ Days
  • Brush Head

    Type          Standard(Sky Blue)
                     Optional(Standard / Deep Clean)
    Filaments  DuPont® Tynex® 2017
  • Wireless Connection

    Bluetooth                 4.2 BLE
    Supported System   iOS 8.0 or heigher
                                     Android 4.4 or heigher
  • Weight 150g