Oclean One

Smart Sonic Care

Next Gen Sonic Smart Toothbrush

To create this truly smart toothbrush, we have used new materials and innovated thru technology.
With every new detail and innovation, we created an improved user experience.
The perfect unification of function and form.

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Dynamic Changes Overnight

The Oclean One has built-in gyroscope which can detect motion, angle, and pressure.
The chipset uses an intelligent algorithm to analyze the data, detected by the sensor. Thru this, you can easily access your info and use it to correct your brushing habits.

  • Care Planning
  • Mode Memory
  • Reminder Bristles
  • Report

Unlimited combinations of
personal oral care

Oclean One comes with three modes (cleaning, whitening, and massage) and four intensity settings, total twelve different combinations. Plus time variance, you can customize thousands of plans for any specific caring need.

Powerful Data Storage

The Oclean One has a built-in Dialog DA14681 Bluetooth 4.2 Chipset, so you can synchronize it with your smartphone.
So you can read the voice reminders when you brush.

A whole new level of user experience

A good product experience often requires the support from both hardware and software. Regular update of firmwares makes Oclean One a never-outdated toothbrush.

Simple and Elegant

When creating the Oclean One, we ensured the slimmest possible structure without compromising the quality of materials or technical performance. With a tiny gap distance of only 0.4mm, the final product is simple and elegant.

Soft to the touch, soft and elegant

The new material and painting process give Oclean One a smooth and luxurious touch. The body surface, which has passed a variety of international chemical testings, is effectively anti-bacterial and anti-fouling. The body's internal waterproof structure and nano-spray reach IPX7 standard and it’s whole body washable.

  • Soft Touch
  • Pearly-lustre
  • Colored-paint
  • Base-paint
  • Primier

Complex conciseness

Unibody design

Unibody design

More than powerful

The Oclean R&D Team created the new generation sonic motor.
Our new patented structure design has enabled a 20% increase in motor power compared to any other flagship product.
The Oclean One’s engine has a lifetime of 5,000 hours.

Max. Torsion: 280 gf.cm Max. Oscillation: 5.5 mm Max. Frequency: 42,000 rpm
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DuPont / Pedex, Top Brand Filaments

The Oclean One’s bristles are of the highest quality.
Each cross-section of filaments is diamond-shaped and enables deep clean. The comfort you will feel when using these bristles is first-class.

  • Pedex reminder bristles
  • Pedex diamond bristles
  • DuPont™ Tynex® Brilliance Pro

Great fitness beyond imagination

Oclean One ensures that each filament is grinned to either full round or semi-round. The roundness rate is 1.4 times higher than the international standard.

Durable and Fast Charge

Our innovation enables the Oclean One to charge in only 3.5 hours, as compared with the industry standard of 15-20 hours.
Oclean One has a battery capacity of a whooping 2,600 mAh lasting 60 days at a time. Competitors only use batteries of 1,000 mAh, which consequently leads to more frequent charging sessions.

Charging Time

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Super Portable

Even when you travel, the Oclean One can accompany you everywhere, with a simple and portable travel box.

  • Travel Case
  • Standard Clean - Brush Head
  • Oclean One
  • Magnetic USB Charger
  • User Manual

Oclean One