Oclean Air

So Light, So Enjoy

Small and Light

iF / Red dot award winning team, 30% smaller than traditional electric toothbrush

More than Powerful

New Generation Sonic Motor

The cleaning power of compact electric toothbrushes is often greatly reduced. After several months of research and development, Oclean and the motor research and development organization partners have overcome the problem of "magnetization of magnetic suspension brushless motors", and the "magnetic suspension toothless engine" has provided up to 220gf/cm is even faster than most conventional micro-motors.

  • 5.5mm
  • 40000rpm
  • 220gf.cm

The amount of torque determines the cleaning power

The bristles sway greatly, driving the water to impact, cleaning the gingival sulcus that is difficult to clean by the manual toothbrush, brushing hundreds of times per second for you!

Patented innovative design

The snail from the nature outlines the beauty of the Air

Anti-corrosion mold, put the bathroom will not mold, IPX7 waterproof, can also brush your teeth when bathing.


O-Touch pressure sensing touch button

Automatic memory light / heavy shift

Start a SPA two minutes

Oclean air has customized different brushing schemes for everyone with different dental conditions. The program includes teeth cleaning, whitening, gums and other modes, all controlled by smart chips, set in the Oclean APP. Brushing your teeth automatically from now on.

  • Clean
  • Whitening
  • Massage

Check your report after brushing teeth, not only science but also interesting

The built-in high-precision sensor intelligently analyzes the whole process of brushing from angle, pressure, time and other angles, and forms data feedback on the APP to help you check for missing vacancies and make your brushing more scientific.

Comprehensive protection

Oclean Air comes with the OAI product family's unique "AI Neuron Tooth Protection Algorithm", which activates protective measures when the user's brushing force is too high, automatically decelerating to reduce the frequency, avoiding improper operation of the enamel and protecting the gums.

Diamond brush Silk white

DuPont Diamond Brush, and Pedex Triangle Diamond Brush from Germany represent the pinnacle of brushing technology. Each brush is shaped and multifaceted, and the added contact surface provides deeper and more effective cleaning of the teeth. Now, every Oclean standard diamond brush has two diamond brushes at the same time.

  • Roundness rate is 1.4 times higher
  • Double Diamond Bristles
  • DuPont medical grade POM handle
  • Tip brush head life

Hour fast charge


Super long battery life

Product Specification

  • Size,Weight

  • Motor

    Max Frequency   40000 rpm
    Max Torsion   220 gf.cm
    Max Oscillation   5.5mm
  • Input

    Power   1.8W
    Rated Input   5V/1A
    Charging Mode   Magnetic USB Fast Charge
  • Working Mode

    Mode   Cleaning / Whitening / Massage
    Force   Level 1-2
    Plan   12 Basic plans, Support customization
  • Battery

    Capacity   800mAh lithium battery
    Charging Time   2 Hours
    Duration   30 Days
  • Brush Head

    Type  Standard Diamond
    Filaments  DuPont Tynex Brilliance
  • Wireless Connection

    Bluetooth    4.2 BLE
    Supported System   iOS 8.0 or heigher
                   Android 4.4 or heigher
  • Weight 95g