Oclean Air

Upgrade Your Smile

Small and Mighty

The Oclean Air packs a punch in a compact, easy-to-transport brush that's 30% smaller than traditional electric toothbrushes

Shift Your Brushing into High Gear

The Oclean Air features a revolutionary magnetic levitation motor that allows users to select the intensity that’s right for them, up to 40,000 brush strokes per minute.

  • 5.5mm
  • 40000rpm
  • 220gf.cm

A Brush Made Just for You

Personalized brushing plans help you get the results you want

• Three brushing modes (cleaning, whitening, and massage)
• Four intensity settings
• The ability to create thousands of customized plans

Keep It Clean

The Oclean Air’s anti-bacterial finish and waterproof body
make it easy to wash and keep clean.


O-Touch pressure sensing touch button

Automatic memory light / heavy shift

Track your Results

Use the Oclean app to get valuable insights on your brushing habits, and track your progress to a healthier, happier smile.

Strong… and Sensitive

The Oclean Air is equipped with an intelligent system designed to protect your teeth’s enamel and gums from damage caused by over-brushing - reducing brush speed and frequency when too much pressure is detected.

A Clean Sweep

The Oclean Air features DuPont and Pedex diamond brush heads that offer superior cleaning power. Each brush is multifaceted, and shaped to provide more surface area for a deeper, more thorough cleaning.


Hour fast charge


Super long battery life

Product Specification

  • Size,Weight

  • Motor

    Max Frequency   40000 rpm
    Max Torsion   220 gf.cm
    Max Oscillation   5.5mm
  • Input

    Power   1.8W
    Rated Input   5V/1A
    Charging Mode   Magnetic USB Fast Charge
  • Working Mode

    Mode   Cleaning / Whitening / Massage
    Force   Level 1-2
    Plan   12 Basic plans, Support customization
  • Battery

    Capacity   800mAh lithium battery
    Charging Time   2.5 Hours
    Duration   30 Days
  • Brush Head

    Type  Standard Diamond
    Filaments  DuPont Tynex Brilliance
  • Wireless Connection

    Bluetooth    4.2 BLE
    Supported System   iOS 8.0 or heigher
                   Android 4.4 or heigher
  • Weight 95g